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Table 2 SERS bands (cm−1) in the range 350–1800 cm−1 of alizarin, carminic acid and indigo identified in Samples 13, 4 and 11, respectively and the most probable bands assignment

From: Colors and dyes of archaeological textiles from Tarapacá in the Atacama Desert (South Central Andes)

Sample 13 Sample 4 Sample 11 Assignment
1647vw    υCO/ υCC
   1591sh υCC/ υCO/ ipδNH
  1582vs 1573s υCC ring
1519w 1553   υCC ring
1475sh 1472w 1463w ipδCH3/ipδCOH/υCC; δCH
1455vs    υCC/δCOH/ δCH
1370vw 1397w   υCC/δCH
   1345m υ(CC)/δ(CCC)
1331vw    υCC
  1322s   δCOH/δCC; Amide III
   1295w ring6 str., def
1258vs   1257m υCO/ υCC/ δCCC; ρCHiph, asym/υCN/υCCring6/υCCring5
  1249w   δCH
1232w 1224m 1215w δCH/δCCC; δCH
1163vw   1171w υCC/δCH
  1149w   υCC/υCN; δCH
1132m   1128w δNCH Pro
1078vw 1076w 1081mw υCC/δCOH; υCC prot
  1042w   υCN Pro
  1003   Breathing ring Phe
956vw 963m   ρCC/δCCC; skeletal Pro
  923w 933w υC-COO
858vw 872w 896vw ρCH3/δCCC; υCC ring Pro
804s 831   υCC skel
   762vw υCC ring
  731vs   ρ(CH3)/δCCC
662m 641s 644vw γCO/ γCH/γCOH/τ(CCCC); NCC def
620 mw   614vw SkelVibration
567m 560w   Skel Vibration
505w 501w   Skel Vibration
456 s    Skel Vibration
378mw 389w   Skel Vibration
  1. Band description: w weak, vw very weak, m medium, mw medium weak, s strong, vs very strong. str.. stretching, def., deformation, ip in plane, op out plane, breath. breathing, skel. Skeletal, ring6 six-member rings, ring5 five-member rings, prot. protein, sh shoulder, Pro proline, Phe phenylalanine
  2. Vibrational modes description: ν stretching, δ in the plane bending, γ out plane bending, ρ rocking, τ torsion