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Table 2 Information analysis for five short projects of Kirameki PJM

From: Comparative analysis of information tendency and application features for projection mapping technologies at cultural heritage sites

Information types/

cases or projects

War history

Historical daily life scene

Historical background and origin

Historical figures

Structure and construction process

Building historical appearance

Mythical stories

Folklore, OPERAS

Cultural relics

Paintings and patterns

Traditional costumes

West Bain,

South Wall



development. (1)

Stories of historical

Figures (2)


Ink painting

style dragon

image. (1)

The style of the group walker costumes. (1)

West Bain



Image of

soldier in

armor. (1)

West Bain



The princess prays for the prosperity for country. (1)


The story of the princess getting married. (3)


Historical appearance of the building. (1)



style picture




Castle Wall

War history



The style of

the general

katana. (1)


costume. (2)

Okiku Well


The style of

Okiku. (3)


Clothing style

of Okiku. (2)