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Table 3 Information analysis for the Festung Xperience PJM

From: Comparative analysis of information tendency and application features for projection mapping technologies at cultural heritage sites

Information types/ cases or projects War history Historical daily life science Historical background and origin Historical figures Structure and construction process Building historical appearance Mythical stories Folklore, Operas Cultural relics Paintings and patterns Traditional costumes
Permenant projection on the wall War preparation scene. (1) Daily work
and life scenes. (2)
Party scene
  Many important historical
Figures (1)
      Scene representation of oil paintings, murals and sketches. (3)  
Interactive projection   Singing at night. (1)
Singing around the
campfire. (1)
Scene of dinner. (1)
Scene of the prison. (1)
discussion. (1)
  Appearance of the king. (1)       Oil painting expression (1) King wears armor. (1)
Theatre at the main venue   War preparation scene. (1)
History of war. (3)
   Castle structure and regional functions (3)      Sketch expression (1)