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Table 1 Examination of the original state before treatment

From: Reflectance transformation imaging for documenting changes through treatment of Joseon dynasty coins

No Inscription Original state Weight size Obverse/reverse
1 Obverse: 常平通寶
Reverse: 江/二
A small corrosion of blueish green (malachite) on the front and overall dark color patina (cuprite) formed on the back 6.83 g
30.0 mm
2 Obverse: 常平通寶
Reverse: 禁/五/)
Some areas of blueish green corrosion (malachite) on both sides; some dark color patina areas (cuprite) 4.18 g
24.9 mm
3 Obverse: 常平通寶
Reverse: 訓
Overall corroded in blueish green (malachite) and dark patina (cuprite); some areas showing blue (azurite); inscribed letters on the back of the coin are not clearly identified owing to corrosion 4.17 g
24.6 mm