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Table 1 Brief description and details of the animal mummies under investigation and samples taken

From: A multi-scalar investigation of the colouring materials used in textile wrappings of Egyptian votive animal mummies

Image Accession number Label Description Provenance Datea Samples
British Museum
EA 6756
C1 Cat
Length: 49.5 cm
Unknown Unknown Pink
British Museum
EA 65502
C2 Cat
Length: 39 cm
Unknown (bequeathed by Henry Swainson Cowper, 1951) Unknown Red
British Museum
EA 55614
C3 Cat
Length: 45.5 cm
Unknown (Donated by Capt W. A. Norman, 1928) Unknown Red
Museo Egizio
Cat. 2348/1
C4 Cat
Length: 54 cm
Unknown (Drovetti Collection—1824) 400–200 BC (textile) Pink
Museo Egizio
Cat. 2349/3
C5 Cat
Length: 39 cm
Unknown (Drovetti Collection—1824) Unknown Pink
Dark brown
British Museum
EA 52926
I1 Ibis
Length: 35.5 cm
Abydos (donated by the Egypt Exploration Society, 1913) Unknown Reddish
British Museum
EA 53938
I2 Ibis
Length: 43.2 cm
Abydos (donated by the Egypt Exploration Society, 1914) Unknown Black
Museo Egizio
S. 11013
I3 Ibis
Length: 35 cm
Asyut 390–190 BC (textile) Dark brown
Museo Egizio
S. 11018
I4 Ibis
Length: 30 cm
Asyut 40 BC–210 AD (textile) Pink
Dark brown
Museo Egizio
S. 11033
I5 Ibis
Length: 36.5 cm
Asyut Unknown Dark brown
Museo Egizio
S. 11037
I6 Ibis
Length: 33 cm
Asyut 370–90 BC (textile) Dark brown
British Museum
EA 35727
Cr1 Crocodile
Length: 39.5 cm
Unknown Unknown Light yellow
Light brown
Dark brown
British Museum
EA 35728
Cr2 Crocodile
Length: 27 cm
El-Mabda (donated by W. Boyne, 1846) Unknown Red
Museo Egizio
Cat. 2351/2
Cr3 Crocodile
Length: 181.5 cm
Unknown (Drovetti Collection—1824) 40 BC–210 AD (plant element) Black
Museo Egizio
Cat. 2353/11
Cr4 Crocodile
Length: 34 cm
Unknown (Drovetti Collection—1824) 370–200 BC (textile) Light Brown
Dark brown
Museo Egizio
Provv. 1443
Cr5 Crocodile
Length: 53 cm
Unknown (Drovetti Collection—1824) 370–200 BC (plant element) Light Brown
British Museum
EA 6773
Ca1 Calf
Height: 45.7 cm
Length:73.7 cm
Said to be from Thebes (Salt collection, 1821) Unknown Light brown
Dark brown
Museo Egizio
Cat. 2344
Ca2 Calf
Length: 85 cm
Unknown (Drovetti Collection—1824) 400–190 BC (plant element) 410–360 BC (textile) Light orange
British Museum
EA 90471
F1 Bird of prey
Length: 43 cm
Unknown Unknown Yellow
Museo Egizio
S. 11040
F2 Bird of prey
Length: 24.8 cm
Asyut 210–30 BC Orange
Dark brown
  1. aPart of the mummy used for radiocarbon dating in parenthesis