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Table 1 MALDI-TOF-MS results of Samp

From: A multi-analytical approach for the identification of the natural resin from the Ming tomb in Shaanxi, China

Peak Possible compound Molecular formula, [M-H] Mono-isotopic mass, [M-H]
b DHA C20H27O2 299.2018
a Abietic acid C20H29O2 301.2173
c oxo-DHA C20H25O3 313.1786
d OH-DHA/oxo-abietic acid C20H27O3 315.1946
e OH-abietic acid C20H29O3 317.2039
f OH-oxo-DHA C20H25O4 329.1741
g diOH-DHA C20H27O4 331.1883
h Peroxy-abietic acid C20H29O4 333.2007
i diOH-oxo-DHA C20H25O5 345.1679
j triOH-DHA C20H27O5 347.1805
k triOH-abietic acid C20H29O5 349.1953
l tetraOH-abietic acid C20H29O6 365.1908