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Table 1 Raw materials and ratios used for the preparation of mock-ups

From: Evaluation of novel cleaning systems on mock-ups of unvarnished oil paint and chalk-glue ground within the Munch Aula Paintings Project

Manufacturer No. Material Composition Component
Kremer Pigmente 45,710 Cobalt blue medium (PB28) CoAl2O4 (Blue Spinel) Paint pigment
73,600 Poppyseed oil (refined) Fatty acids Paint binder
Amertek n/a Barium sulfate BaSO4 Paint extender
Ottoson Färgmakeri n/a Balsam turpentine Terpenes (Pine) Paint thinner
Kremer Pigmente 58,000 Chalk from Champagne CaCO3 Ground pigment
63,025 Rabbit skin glue Collagen (hydrolysed) Canvas sizing and binder for ground
Claessens 068 Linen canvas (395 g/m2) Flax fibres Canvas substrate
Ratios by mass (%) (wet film) Glue size Chalk-glue ground Undiluted cobalt blue oil paint Diluted cobalt blue oil paint
Water 93.5 41.6
Rabbit skin glue 6.5 2.9
Chalk 55.5
Pigment blue 28 44.0 26.4
Barium sulfate 22.0 13.2
Poppyseed oil 34.0 20.4
Balsam turpentine 40.0