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Table.5 Summary of the observed effects and efficiency of the novel cleaning systems on the M2 mock-ups

From: Evaluation of novel cleaning systems on mock-ups of unvarnished oil paint and chalk-glue ground within the Munch Aula Paintings Project

System Mechanism Cleaning efficiency Associated risks to paint/ground layer No, or low risk of
Dry PU sponges Mechanical Minimal to moderate Pigment loss/removal, scratching/polishing, undesirable gloss change, re-depositing and embedding of remaining soiling particles Cleaning system residues
SPB Air abrasion Moderate to satisfactory Pigment loss/removal, abrasion, undesirable gloss change, cleaning particle residues Integrating remaining soiling particles
CO2-snow Air abrasion/chemical Minimal Pigment loss/removal, undesirable gloss change, condensation, re-deposition and/or integration of soiling Cleaning system residues and scratching or abrasion
Nano-gels Mechanical/chemical Good Pigment loss/removal, staining, swelling, leaching, possible metal soap formation undesirable gloss change, integration of remaining soiling particles, cleaning-solution residues Scratching or abrasion