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Table 3 Nephrite pieces with extremely similar appearance

From: Integrated interpretation of pXRF data on ancient nephrite artifacts excavated from Tomb No.1 in Yuehe Town, Henan Province, China

Type Sample No
Dongyi style bird pendant M1:78, M1:259
Chu style oblong pendant M1:100, M1:318
Yue style Jue M1:265, M1:399
Wu style oblong pendant M1:129, M1:164
Tiger M1:79, M1:346, M1:357
Flake ornament A M1:162(2), M1:185, M1:186, M1:391
Flake ornament B M1:159, M1:174
Animal ornament M1:161, M1:347
Triangular ornament M1:208, M1:247, M1:397
Gui M1:N18, M1:N21
Tube M1:13, M1:N8, M1:N10