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Fig. 3

From: Charcoal or black stone? Reconstructions as a tool to study the behaviour of dry underdrawing materials within the paint structure of sixteenth century panel paintings

Fig. 3

©HPM, HERCULES Lab—U. Évora, Portugal

a Reconstruction with lines made over an untreated gesso ground with the following materials: charcoal, untreated drawn (CU-D), traced (CU-T) and pounced (CU-P); black stone from Kremer drawn (BK-D) and pounced (BK-P); charcoal, oiled, drawn (CO-D) and black stone from Crozon drawn (BC-D). The right half of the panel was brushed with a feather to determine the removability of the lines. b IR reflectogram assembly of a detail from the Sousel altarpiece. c Underdrawing reconstruction of detail (b) made with untreated charcoal drawn directly over the gesso ground. On the right side, a feather was brushed over the surface, as in a, to eliminate unbound particles. All images

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