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Table 4 Unearthed ceremonial crowns with bao dian, bo bin or bu yao from the Sui-Tang dynasty

From: A Sui-Tang dynasty woman’s crown: analyzing form, glass and class

Tomb Date Objects Owner Image Number of bao dian
Southern suburbs of Ningxia Guyuan Sui Shi Wushe tomb 610 Bao dian and part of bi ji (蔽髻) “ornaments for making fake chignon” Shi Wushe, Sui dynasty General (See Fig. 9) 1
M2 of Cao village, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu province 648 A set of a complete ritual crown with two bo bin, six hairpin Empress Xiao of Sui View full size image
(Photos: Yang Junchang)
Tang tomb of Yan Shiwei and his wife, Lady Pei in Majiagou, Xi’an, Shaanxi 706 A set of a complete ritual crown with six bao dian, humanoid, avian, and floral ornaments Lady Pei (wife of Yan Shiwei, a magsitrate in Taizhou) View full size image [58]
(Photo: Yang Junkai)
Kunlun M2   Kunlun M2 crown Unknown (See Fig. 1) 8