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Table 4 666 concepts of the SILKNOW thesaurus divided into several groups

From: Weaving words for textile museums: the development of the linked SILKNOW thesaurus

Number of SILKNOW concepts Percentage (%) Description
290 44.4 SILKNOW concepts with at least one exact match in Wikidata (of these, 100 SILKNOW concepts even had two or more exact matches)
Examples: animal fibre, batik, binding warp, cancanias, chinoiserie style, draw loom, denier, edge, filature, flax, foulard, modernism, romanticism, shot, spun silk
39 6.0 SILKNOW concepts with at least one partial match in Wikidata, but no exact matches (the matches were typically evaluated as partial because the Wikidata concept was not quite as specific as the one from SILKNOW)
Examples: artichoke, aurora pink, crepe [Sp. crespón], crimson, end [Sp. cabo], floss, Latin cross, lace [Sp. encaje], lace [Sp. puntas], liturgical paraments, plush [Sp. afelpar], plush [Sp. felpa], ply, punched card, warp
75 11.5 SILKNOW concepts where all the candidate matches were evaluated by the domain experts as mismatches (these were mostly concepts where a polysemous word appears as the label, but none of the Wikidata concepts with this label refers to the same sense of that word as the SILKNOW concept does)
Examples: barred, bave, cannele, comber unit, crossing, crepe [Sp. hilo crespón], faille française, glazed, nuance, printed, reverse, sendal, segrí, silk skein, tissue
249 38.1 SILKNOW concepts for which no candidate matches were generated at all, because there was no Wikidata concept with an identical label. For concepts in this group, we do not know if an equivalent concept exists in Wikidata or not; it is possible that an equivalent concept exists but under a completely different label
Examples: atractiva, broderie velvet, button drawloom, continuous yarn, crepe de Lyon, gilt membrane strip, gregoire velvet, inverted mirrored disposition, lampas taille-douce, louisine, queen satin, spiral thread, trama interrumpida, vegetal motif, warping person