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Table 1 Photographs of the artifacts from the PAC and their SCRC-SUL catalog descriptions

From: Determination of the polymer composition of mid-twentieth century purses by Raman spectroscopy

Artifact SCRC-SUL accession number SCRC-SUL catalog description of appearance SCRC-SUL catalog identification of manufacturer/date
2010_055.147 Handbag covers Robinson Plastics Corp./unidentified
2005.17 Purse with metal sides and clear top, bottom, and handle Unidentified/1940–1950
2003.207 Clear purse with sparkles Unidentified/1960–1969
Da (colorless), Db (orange)
2010_055.016 Bamboo-like handles for handbags Robinson Plastics Corp./1950–1975
2003.206 Clamshell purse with rhinestones Unidentified/1960–1969
2003.208 Purse with white, flattened cylindrical body and clear top and handle Unidentified/1960–1969