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Table 4 Summary comparing SCRC-SUL catalog descriptions of polymer composition with Raman spectroscopy results

From: Determination of the polymer composition of mid-twentieth century purses by Raman spectroscopy

Artifact SCRC-SUL accession number SCRC-SUL catalog description of polymer composition Polymer composition determined by Raman spectroscopy Correlation to SCOAP database reference
A 2010_055.147 PS PS 99+%
B 2005.17 Unidentified PMMA 94+%
C 2003.207 Unidentified PS 99+%
Da (colorless)
Db (orange)
2010_055.016 PS CA 90+%
E 2003.206 PMMA PS 99+%
F 2003.208 Unidentified PMMA (top, base, handle)
CA (feet)