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Table 3 Attribution of diagnostic FTIR bands useful for detection of each DES [47-52]

From: Deep eutectic solvents: green solvents for the removal of degraded gelatin on cellulose nitrate cinematographic films

Wavenumber (cm−1) Assignment
ChCl:EG B:EG B:U  
1495 1491 νasH–C–H (CH3) in betaine
1479 1475 1472 δsC-H(31), δs CH2, δsCH3, δsCOH(48) and ρCH3(49) in choline chloride; νsCOO(47) and δaCH3 in betaine; νCN in urea
955 953 weak 955 weak νaNC4, νC-C and νaCCO)in choline chloride; δC–C–N and v(CC)in betaine
933 933 δ C–N–C) and ρ(CH2) in betaine
883 medium 893 895 weak ρC-H and ρCH2 in EG; νC–C and νs(CCN)) in betaine
  1. ν stretching, νs symmetrical stretching, νa asymmetrical stretching, δ bending, δs scissoring (for CH2) and symmetrical deformation (for CH3), δa asymmetrical deformation (for CH3), ρ rocking