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Table 1 Research subjects

From: Research on the mechanism of emotional design in Chinese cultural and creative products

Code Name Name of the product Photo of the product Winning record or sales record Remarks
P1 Lion guard Best creative award of China digital creative design competition in 2019 The lion is the most common auspicious animal in our folk culture. It is the embodiment of wisdom and power, has the symbolic meaning of good luck, prosperity and incessant life, and symbolizes status, dignity and peace. The product is a mosquito lamp in the shape of a lion, which can help users sleep better at night
P2 The smart juyue lamp Total sales: 5000 +  The moon in Chinese culture symbolizes beauty, reunion, eternity, lovesickness, etc. The product relies on gesture induction to control the switch and adjust the cold and warm light, and it can be operated remotely with the App. The Smart Juyue Lamp has simplified functions, fully expressing the artistic conception that this lamp wants to express
P3 The jade watch Third prize in the 2019 Pinzhou Jade festival creative design competition Jade culture has become an important part of Chinese national culture, and jade, as a beautiful spirit and intention, represents the faith and spiritual outlook of the nation. This product incorporates the material of jade into the watch so that users can have a different watch experience
P4 Forbidden city walking horse scented candles Total sales:1682 A simple little scented candle can not only enhance the taste of home life, but also light up the love of life. The product combines the traditional Chinese pattern, the aroma of the Forbidden City’s four gardens as the source of inspiration, through the lighting of the candle to give people to enhance the happiness of life
P5 Swordsman tea canister Best style award of China digital creative design competition in 2019 Almost everyone in China has a dream of being a swordsman, which represents a focus on personal contribution to the world and is a personal view of good and evil that can be strong enough that the king cannot interfere.The product is designed so that the tea pot rests on the countertop, like seeing the image of a swordsman as he battles the world with his sword
P6 Nine color deer paper carving lamp Total sales:1200 The picture originates from the Mogao Caves Northern Wei Cave 257 fresco “Deer King Ben Sheng Tu”. Paper carving is also known as paper relief. The product selects the nine color deer fragment in the fresco as the paper carving pattern, with three-dimensional paper carving as the logo, combining classical and fashionable double elements, with multiple combinations of multi-level image to bring three-dimensional visual experience. It is both a unique piece of classic and elegant play, and can create a warm atmosphere, adding a touch of coziness and warmth to the night
P7 Bamboo light Gold Medal of the 4th “Zhenghe Cup” International bamboo product design competition Chinese culture is very respectful and fond of bamboo.The beauty of bamboo is not only derived from its long and straight branches and verdant coat, but also from its noble, ethereal and far-away character, and the connotation of modesty and elegance has become a symbol of Chinese character and beauty spirit. The designer not only brings the characteristics of bamboo into play, but also makes people feel the unique beauty created by bamboo through the appearance of the product and reflects our ancient and long-standing oriental culture
P8 Potala palace creative ceramic cup Total sales: 1435 The designer used the word “lotus” in the golden tablet of “The First Pond of the Lotus” written by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty as the theme to create the body of the lotus cup. With five colors: yellow, green, red, white and blue, representing the five perceptions of the birth of the lotus flower, and also incorporating the auspicious eight treasures pattern of praying for good fortune, the cup not only expresses the ability to accommodate the emotional world born from the lotus flower, but also implies the ability to fill all the colors and scents of heaven and earth