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Table 2 Related patterns of emotional design

From: Research on the mechanism of emotional design in Chinese cultural and creative products

Scholars Design mode Measurement elements
Originality Beauty Ergonomics Pleasure
Green and Jordan [21, 22] Pleasurable experience factors Social pleasure Conscious pleasure Physiological pleasure Psychological pleasure
Norman [23] Emotional design factors Attraction, fun Aesthetics
Usability Attraction, fun
McCarthy and Wright [24] Emotional model Overall experience Sensory Sensory, usability Overall experience, emotion, social’s cultural environment
Anderson [25] Product design consideration level Meaningful Pleasurable Practical, reliable, usable and convenient Pleasurable
Jagtap [28] Product modeling attribute and emotion scale Innovation Beauty, harmony, elegance, modernization Utility, convenience, simplicity and high quality Joy, satisfaction, interest, surprise, vitality, charm, calm, entertainment, happiness
Bhandari [27] Correlation between product elements and users' perceptual images Innovation function Form, color Innovation function Form
Ji [26] Sensory measurement model Creativity, charm Beauty Exquisite, ergonomics Charm