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Table 4 Formation scale after three rounds of Delphi method

From: Research on the mechanism of emotional design in Chinese cultural and creative products

Measurement elements Secondary elements
Pleasure J1. The product conveys cultural connotations
J2. The product is impressive
J3. The product has a sense of fashion
Beauty B1. The product has good proportions
B2. The product has a sense of design
B3. The product has a pleasant appearance
Originality C1. The product is novel and unique
C2. The product is storytelling
C3. Creative use of product materials
Exquisite Ex1. Product workmanship is very fine
Ex2. Product structure is good
Ex3. Product shape is sharp
Ergonomics Er1. Well-made products
Er2. Durable products
Er3. Good operability of the product
Purchase intention PI1. Would you buy this product
PI2. Will you buy similar products you lik
PI3. Would you buy this product if someone recommended
Degree of preference Degree of Preference. How much do you like this product