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Figure 6

From: Temporal humidity variations in the heritage climate of South East England

Figure 6

Indoor humidity estimates for the Cartoon Gallery at Knole. (a) Median of daily relative humidity for the Gatwick MIDAS data (filled symbols) and the UKCP09 projections (open symbols) and estimated indoor values for the Cartoon Gallery from MIDAS and UKCP09 humidity. (b) Days each year with the potential of irreversible damage to lime wood using the MIDAS data (closed symbols) and UKCP09 projections (open symbols) for Gatwick (c) Annual number of days from MIDAS (filled symbols) and UKCP09 (open symbols) with relative humidity greater than 90% Heathrow (diamonds) and Gatwick (squares). (d) Annual amount of water removal required over thirty year periods from the MIDAS and UKCP09 for Heathrow (diamonds) and Gatwick (squares) to maintain a relative humidity of 50%.

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