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  1. Research article

    A technical study of the materials and manufacturing process used in the Gallery wall paintings from the Jokhang temple, Tibet

    Wall paintings from the Jokhang temple, Lhasa, Tibet, China cover over 4000 m2. In order to protect these valuable paintings and to provide more conclusive information regarding the date of the painting scheme fr...

    Yan Song, Feng Gao, Austin Nevin, Juwen Guo, Xiao Zhou, Shuya Wei and Qianqian Li

    Heritage Science 2018 6:18

    Published on: 23 March 2018

  2. Research article

    Colour identification, degradation processes and findings in a fifteenth-century Book of Hours: the case study of Cofre n.º 31 from Mafra National Palace

    This paper presents the work done as part of a master dissertation on Conservation and Restoration at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Nova University of Lisbon. The “Cofre n.º 31” is a French fifteenth...

    Isamara Carvalho, Conceição Casanova, Rita Araújo and Ana Lemos

    Heritage Science 2018 6:9

    Published on: 22 March 2018

  3. Research article

    An assessment of multimodal imaging of subsurface text in mummy cartonnage using surrogate papyrus phantoms

    Ancient Egyptian mummies were often covered with an outer casing, panels and masks made from cartonnage: a lightweight material made from linen, plaster, and recycled papyrus held together with adhesive. Egypt...

    Adam Gibson, Kathryn E. Piquette, Uwe Bergmann, William Christens-Barry, Graham Davis, Marco Endrizzi, Shuting Fan, Sina Farsiu, Anthony Fitzgerald, Jennifer Griffiths, Cerys Jones, Guorong Li, Phillip L. Manning, Charlotte Maughan Jones, Roberta Mazza, David Mills…

    Heritage Science 2018 6:7

    Published on: 26 February 2018

  4. Research article

    Painting the Palace of Apries I: ancient binding media and coatings of the reliefs from the Palace of Apries, Lower Egypt

    This study gives an account of the organic components (binders and coatings) found in the polychromy of some fragmented architectural reliefs from the Palace of Apries in Memphis, Egypt (26th Dynasty, ca. 589-...

    Cecilie Brøns, Kaare Lund Rasmussen, Marta Melchiorre Di Crescenzo, Rebecca Stacey and Anna Lluveras-Tenorio

    Heritage Science 2018 6:6

    Published on: 20 February 2018

  5. Research article

    The method to soften the concretions of ceramics in the “Nanhai I” Shipwreck of China Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279AD)

    The “Nanhai I” shipwreck of the Southern Song dynasty is the existent oldest and the most integrally preserved shipwreck in the world. Inside the shipwreck most of the ancient ceramics were covered with differ...

    Yanrong Wang, Tiequan Zhu, Guicheng Yang, Xian Tan, Daoyang Ye and Haotian Chen

    Heritage Science 2018 6:4

    Published on: 1 February 2018

  6. Research article

    ‘‘POLYGNOSIS’’: the development of a thesaurus in an Educational Web Platform on optical and laser-based investigation methods for cultural heritage analysis and diagnosis

    Due to their unique properties, laser and optical technologies hold today an important role in the protection and study of Cultural Heritage, since they are used in a wide range of demanding analytical and dia...

    Nikoleta Platia, Maria Chatzidakis, Corina Doerr, Lida Charami, Chrysoula Bekiari, Kristalia Melessanaki, Kostas Hatzigiannakis and Paraskevi Pouli

    Heritage Science 2017 5:50

    Published on: 20 December 2017

  7. Research article

    Developing a non-invasive tool to assess the impact of oxidation on the structural integrity of historic wool in Tudor tapestries

    Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) can be a useful diagnostic tool in the assessment of quality in textile, agricultural and various other industries. In cultural heritage applications, NIR as a non-invasive ass...

    Nanette Kissi, Katherine Curran, Constantina Vlachou-Mogire, Tom Fearn and Lisa McCullough

    Heritage Science 2017 5:49

    Published on: 13 December 2017

  8. Research article

    Characterisation of 19th and 20th century Chinese paper

    The chemical and physical properties of 19th and 20th century Chinese papers were investigated using a variety of material characterisation methods. A reference collection of 178 Chinese papers, dating from 17...

    Natalie Brown, Dirk Lichtblau, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič

    Heritage Science 2017 5:47

    Published on: 24 November 2017

  9. Research article

    Barium, zinc and strontium yellows in late 19th–early 20th century oil paintings

    This work focuses on the study of the 19th century yellow chromate pigments based on barium (BaCrO4), zinc (4ZnCrO4·K2O·3H2O) and strontium (SrCrO4). These pigments, which are reported to shift in hue and darken,...

    Vanessa Otero, Marta F. Campos, Joana V. Pinto, Márcia Vilarigues, Leslie Carlyle and Maria João Melo

    Heritage Science 2017 5:46

    Published on: 14 November 2017

  10. Research article

    Trachyte weathering in the urban built environment related to air quality

    Decay of trachyte used as building stone in urban environment was investigated through the analysis of crusts and patinas found on trachyte of the Euganean Hills in the Renaissance city walls of Padua, northea...

    Luigi Germinario, Siegfried Siegesmund, Lara Maritan, Klaus Simon and Claudio Mazzoli

    Heritage Science 2017 5:44

    Published on: 25 October 2017

  11. Research article

    Determining the construction sequence of the Preah Vihear monument in Cambodia from its sandstone block characteristics

    The Preah Vihear monument in Cambodia, located close to the border with Thailand, was one of the Khmer temples registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a Cultural Property in 2008. It consists of masonr...

    Etsuo Uchida, Akinori Mizoguchi, Hiroya Sato, Ichita Shimoda and Ryota Watanabe

    Heritage Science 2017 5:42

    Published on: 10 October 2017

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