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  1. This essay analyzes a robust body of C and N stable isotopes from human and animal collagen and plant remains (n = 423) in the area of Lower Yangtze River dating to 8000–4300 cal. BP, combined with new isotopic d...

    Authors: Pengfei Sheng, Edward Allen, Xiang Huang, Xiuwen Zheng and Michael Storozum
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:251
  2. Funerary masks played a crucial role in ancient Egyptian burial practices, as part of the rituals to ensure a successful afterlife. This study presents the first comprehensive analysis of a gilded mummy mask f...

    Authors: Tuuli Kasso, Jens Stenger, Caterina Zaggia, Gianluca Pastorelli, Max Ramsøe, Tina Ravnsborg, Ole N. Jensen, Elsa Yvanez, Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi, Matthew J. Collins and Cecilie Brøns
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:250
  3. This article presents a thorough overview of gel-based cleaning methods used in art conservation. It covers the evolution of traditional approaches and the development of advanced gel systems. The paper examin...

    Authors: Niayesh Khaksar-Baghan, Alireza Koochakzaei and Yaser Hamzavi
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:248
  4. The tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng was unearthed in 1978 at Leiguudun in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China. This is the largest wooden coffin in rock pit and vertical cave in the Warring States period in China. ...

    Authors: Hua Chen, Shaohui Chen, Changxiong Wu, Zhuofeng Chen, Bingjie Mai and Jing Cao
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:247
  5. DT systems, characterized by real-time capabilities, high precision, and high integration, have become essential in various domains. In the context of cultural heritage, a DT system encompasses comprehensive i...

    Authors: Yuqing Guo, Lin Liu, Wei Huang, Min Shen, Xiaolie Yi, Jifa Zhang and Shizhu Lu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:245
  6. The different salt weathering issues of the sandstone in the Nankan Grotto have significantly influenced their preservation conditions. This work aimed to evaluate the petrography and environment constraints f...

    Authors: Xuening Zhang, Xiyong Wu, Sixiang Ling and Yijian Cao
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:244
  7. Agricultural Heritage Systems (AHS) are pivotal in preserving rich agricultural production experience and traditional culture, as well as in maintaining biodiversity and promoting sustainable development in ag...

    Authors: Chen Yusheng, Sun Zhaofa and Zhou Yongwei
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:243
  8. Kolkata, renowned as the City of Joy, boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage spanning centuries. Despite the significance of its architectural marvels, accessing comprehensive visual documentation of Kolk...

    Authors: A. Sasithradevi, Sabari nathan, B. Chanthini, T. Subbulakshmi and P. Prakash
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:242
  9. In traditional Chinese rockery stacking, the peculiarity of the materials and reliance on the personal experience of artisans during the construction process make it challenging to scientifically quantify the ...

    Authors: Qianli Dong, Tianheng Wei, Yuan Wang and Qingping Zhang
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:241
  10. Urbanization is one of the milestones in the development of human society. Many regions in the southern parts of ‘the old world’ demonstrating an early emergence of agriculture also witnessed the flourishing o...

    Authors: Yongqiang Wang, Yi Chen, Huihui Cao, Ruiliang Liu, Richard A. Staff, Linyao Du, Xiao Yuan, Shanjia Zhang, Jian Ma and Menghan Qiu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:240
  11. The spatiotemporal distribution of intangible cultural heritage in Fujian Province, China, and the factors that influence it were explored using multiple spatial scales. The samples include five batches of Chi...

    Authors: Qile Han, Fei Tao, Zihan Hong, Guanghui Qin, Yuxin Wei, Yize Chen and Tong Zhou
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:239
  12. A comprehensive multi-analytical investigation was conducted on a piece of Longquan celadon excavated from the Shengbeiyu shipwreck site in the East China Sea. This study focused on a representative type of tu...

    Authors: Xinyi Liu, Yu Li, Jianrui Zha, Xiangna Han and Hao Wang
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:238
  13. This article reports on the discovery of pararealgar and semi-amorphous pararealgar in Rembrandt's masterpiece The Night Watch. A large-scale research project named Operation Night Watch was started in 2019. A va...

    Authors: Nouchka De Keyser, Fréderique T. H. Broers, Frederik Vanmeert, Annelies van Loon, Francesca Gabrieli, Steven De Meyer, Arthur Gestels, Victor Gonzalez, Erma Hermens, Petria Noble, Florian Meirer, Koen Janssens and Katrien Keune
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:237
  14. The study analyzes the black color factors of black-burnished pottery excavated from the Pungnap Fortress and the Seokchon Tomb during the Hanseong period of the Baekje Kingdom. The current hypothesis surround...

    Authors: Hyunkyung Choi, Min Su Han, Dong Hyeok Moon, Chul Sung Kim, Sang Won Nam and Young Rang Uhm
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:236
  15. Traditional Chinese settlements (TCSs) embody millennia of human and cultural history, with the core culture serving as their essence. However, any damage incurred by these TCSs can result in the loss of core ...

    Authors: Qier Sa, Zaiming Qu, Yangyang Liu and Weilun Shan
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:234
  16. In this research, microblasting with powdered vegetable particles (almond and hazelnut husks, cork saw dust and rice husks) and cellulosic fibres was used to analyse their usefulness for cleaning unpainted woo...

    Authors: Manuel Ángel Iglesias-Campos, Africa Pitarch Martí, Anna Nualart-Torroja and Iris Bautista-Morenilla
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:233
  17. Semantic segmentation of point clouds of ancient buildings plays an important role in Historical Building Information Modelling (HBIM). As the annotation task of point cloud of ancient architecture is characte...

    Authors: Jianghong Zhao, Haiquan Yu, Xinnan Hua, Xin Wang, Jia Yang, Jifu Zhao and Ailin Xu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:232
  18. In the process of preserving historical buildings in southern Fujian, China, it is crucial to provide timely and accurate statistical data to classify the damage of traditional buildings. In this study, a meth...

    Authors: Haochen Qiu, Jiahao Zhang, Lingchen Zhuo, Qi Xiao, Zhihong Chen and Hua Tian
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:231
  19. Many historic buildings are at serious risk of deterioration due to changes in the moisture content of the soil under the buildings. Based on the typical deterioration problems of the Grand Deliverance Hall an...

    Authors: Yi Lu, Xiangling Bai, Xiaolong Wang, Lin Han, Xiaojian Bai, Pengju Han and Yijing An
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:229
  20. The Sarinah historic building transformation project in Jakarta, Indonesia (2020–2022) is an adaptive reuse of the original building formed through a scientific conservation process. Therefore, this research i...

    Authors: Yuke Ardhiati and Asikin Hasan
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:227
  21. Historical urban districts are imbued with a multitude of elements, including historical heritage, cultural significance, social relationships, and daily activities, making them of significant research value. ...

    Authors: Kai Huang, Peiran Kang and Yang Zhao
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:226
  22. Aiming at the problem of "crystallization" on the surface of Yuan blue and white ceramics, which causes reflections and loss of image texture, an image processing method is proposed to repair the image texture...

    Authors: Qi Zheng, Baoxi Zhu, Qin Cai, Jiao Li, Changfu Fang and Nanxing Wu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:211
  23. Six corroded glazed pottery figurines, which excavated from the Qibi Ming Tomb of the Tang Dynasty in Xianyang, were selected to study the corrosion mechanism. Optical microscopy (OM), scanning electron micros...

    Authors: Yanli Li, Panpan Liu, Yujia Luo, Mantang Ge, Huiping Xing and Yuhu Li
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:224
  24. Historic timber structures face substantial fire loads and complex fire risks. Subsequent renovations and utilization may influence their fire safety performance. Therefore, accurately predicting indoor fire d...

    Authors: Xiaolie Yi, Shizhu Lu, Yumeng Zhong, Jifa Zhang and Yuqing Guo
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:222
  25. Paper bookbindings have been disregarded for centuries by scholars since they were only considered temporary covering materials for manuscripts and books. Recently, there is a willingness to reconsider these b...

    Authors: Elisa Paro, Claudia Benvestito, Silvia Pugliese, Francesca Caterina Izzo, Eleonora Balliana and Elisabetta Zendri
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:221
  26. The renovation of traditional architecture contributes to the inheritance of cultural heritage and promotes the development of social civilization. However, executing renovation plans that simultaneously align...

    Authors: Jiaxin Zhang, Rikui Xiang, Zheyuan Kuang, Bowen Wang and Yunqin Li
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:220
  27. The convergence of cultural and aesthetic elements in timber structures from China’s Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) and traditional Japanese architecture provides a rich tapestry of architectural evolution and cros...

    Authors: Chan Gao, Genfeng Zhao, Sen Gao, Shuxin Du, Eunyoung Kim and Tao Shen
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:219
  28. Architectural heritage health assessment is the basis of scientific repair and maintenance. However, existing methods do not adequately take into account the fuzziness, randomness and uncertainties unique to a...

    Authors: Ming Guo, Xiaoke Shang, Jiawei Zhao, Ming Huang, Ying Zhang and Shuqiang Lv
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:217
  29. The study of clan paintings reveals a shift in perspective from art aesthetics to cultural connotations to cultural identity, yet literature seldom discusses the relationship between art and kinship culture. T...

    Authors: Weicong Li, Shangbing Ma, Wenwen Shi, Haopai Lin, Yueling Liu, Yitong Cui and Jinghui Ao
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:216
  30. Landscape stability is a paramount concern within the field of landscape ecology. Indices of landscape patterns not only facilitate an effective analysis of land use transformations but also delve into the mec...

    Authors: Xue Bai, Kangning Xiong, Yue Chen and Ziqi Liu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:215
  31. Historical records indicate that Xianyang Ancient Ferry Site, dating back over three millennia to the late Shang Dynasty, has been an important transportation hub in ancient times. The use of combined wooden s...

    Authors: Gele Teri, Peng Fu, Kezhu Han, Dan Huang, Yanli Li, Yujia Luo, Huiping Xing and Yuhu Li
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:213
  32. Raman spectral references for various formulations of iron gall inks, logwood inks and mixtures of both types were acquired during this study. The samples, either liquid or dry inks and applied on paper, were ...

    Authors: Klara Retko, Lea Legan, Janez Kosel and Polonca Ropret
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:212
  33. China’s northern Fujian, as one of the spatial carriers of renowned traditional Chinese cultures such as Minyue, Zhu Xi’s Neo-Confucianism, tea, and porcelain, has preserved a wealth of tangible cultural relic...

    Authors: Deping Chu, Chengkun Huang and Feiyang Lin
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:210
  34. Seven pieces of gold foils for surface decoration of the lacquerware were excavated in the late Western Han Dynasty tomb in the area of the Jin Yang (晋阳) Ancient City site in Taiyuan (太原), Shanxi (山西), China. ...

    Authors: Zisang Gong, Shengyu Liu, Minghao Jia, Siyuan Sun, Pei Hu, Jingrong Pei, Dongbo Hu and Gang Hu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:207
  35. The recent multi-analytical study carried out on the Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece showed the simultaneous presence of several kinds of metal carboxylates in oil-rich glaze layers. This outcome raised the question ...

    Authors: S. Kirkpatrick, J. Sanyova, K. Janssens and G. Van der Snickt
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:209
  36. The Dongba manuscripts are a unique primitive pictographic writing system that originated among the Naxi people of Lijiang, China, boasting over a thousand years of history. The uniqueness of the Dongba manusc...

    Authors: Yuqi Ma, Shanxiong Chen, Yongbo Li, Jingliu He, Qiuyue Ruan, Wenjun Xiao, Hailing Xiong and XiaoLiang Li
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:206
  37. Gypsification is a common problem in weathered calcareous relics. In previous studies, the solutions of barium hydroxide in water and methanol were used as protectants for gypsification calcareous relics and s...

    Authors: Jingchen Yan, Guang Huang, Xiangnan Li, Qing Liu, Yan Liu, Fuwei Yang, Kun Zhang and Yichen Sun
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:203
  38. New media technologies have opened up new possibilities for the communication of cultural heritage, and digital reading aligns with the participatory shift in museums, becoming an indispensable part of informa...

    Authors: Jingwen Zhang and Chenyu Xu
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:208
  39. Archival resources, a photogrammetric survey, analysis of materials and techniques, and evaluation of the state of conservation were interconnected phases in the interdisciplinary research on the perspective s...

    Authors: Fabrizio Antonelli, Rebecca Piovesan, Elena Tesser, Marco Tosato and Emanuela Sorbo
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:205
  40. The preservation and transmission of traditional villages is crucial to the prosperity and development of ethnic cultures. However, current traditional village surveys usually require a large number of experts...

    Authors: Gangyi Tan, Jiangkun Zhu and Zhanxiang Chen
    Citation: Heritage Science 2024 12:200

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