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Figure 1

From: Mediterranean and Near East obsidian reference samples to establish artefacts provenance

Figure 1

Identification of obsidian sub-deposits from which the samples used as reference were collected. Bi-plots (1a: Zr vs Sr; 1b: La vs Co) of the element grouping showing the sub-deposits (A: Sicily Is. Balata dei Turchi; B: Sicily Is. Vivara; C: Sicily Is. Porta Medaglia; D: Sicily Is. Incaldana; E: Near East Nemrut Dag; F: Flegrean Is. Capri, Ischia and Monte di Procida; G: Flegrean Is. Procida Punta Lingua; H: Sicily Is. Arivito; I: North Caucasus; L: Arci Mt.; M: Aegean Is.; N: Civita di Bagnoregio; O: Flegrean Is. and Sicily Is.).

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