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Table 2 Comparative glass from eastern Mediterranean sites

From: Chemical characterisation of archaeological glasses from the Hellenistic site of Jebel Khalid, Syria by electron probe microanalysis

Site Date Glass description Publication
Vergina (Macedonia, Greece) c. 340 BCE Colourless inlays [8]: pp. 51–52; [9]: p. 65
Gordion (central Anatolia) c. mid 4th–early 2nd C BCE Monochrome beads and vessels [45]
Pydna (Macedonia, Greece) c. 300–290 BCE Colourless vessels, plate [26]
Bead factory (Rhodes) Late 3rd–2nd C BCE Cullet, canes, beads, vessels [8]: p. 51; [9]: pp. 63–64
Pherai (Thessaly, Greece) 3rd–1st C BCE Colourless [15]
Rhodes Kakoula property c. 175–150 BCE Waste raw and acqua glass cullet [49]
Tel Anafa (Israel) c. 150–75 BCE Monochrome bowls [8]: p. 53; [9]: p. 67
Rhodes Necropolis 2nd–1st C BCE Cast monochrome bowls, cullet [10]: pp. 48, 115