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Table 2 Elements identified by SEM-EDX on the nine selected paintings

From: Characterisation of preparation layers in nine Danish Golden Age canvas paintings by SEM–EDX, FTIR and GC–MS

No. SMK accession no. Elements
1 KMS3262 Pb, Ca (Al)
2 KMS3004 Ca, Pb (Si, Al, Fe, Na)
3 KMS1072 Pb, Ca (Mg)
4 KMS1623 Whitish layer: Pb (Ca, Al, Si, Fe, K)
Red layer: Si, Fe, Al (Ca, K, Pb/S)
5 KMS1671 Pb, Ca (Al)
6 KMS608 Pb, Ca (Al)
7 KMS6177 Ca, Pb (Si, Mg, Al, K)
8 KMS1081 Whitish upper layer: Pb (Ca)
Lower layer: Ca (Pb, Si)
9 KMS1644 Whitish and yellow upper layer: Pb, Ba, Fe (Si, Al, Na)
Inter layer: particles of Si, Al, Na
Lower layer: Ca
  1. Italics elements are present in relatively high levels. Elements in parentheses are present at trace levels. Pb (lead), Ca (calcium), Al (aluminium), Si (silicon), Fe (iron), Na (sodium), Mg (magnesium), K (potassium), S (sulphur), and Ba (barium)