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Table 1 Pigments, extenders, and additives for paint preparation

From: Investigating the effect of artists’ paint formulation on degradation rates of TiO2-based oil paints

Name Description Brand and product specification Bulk density used to convert volume fraction to added weighta
UA, TiO2 Uncoated anatase Hombitan LW, Sachtleben Chemie 4.0
CA(org), TiO2 Organically coated anatase A-HRF Huntsman 4.0
CA(inorg), TiO2 Inorganically coated anatase A-PP2 Huntsman 4.0
CR(org), TiO2 Organically coated rutile HCDC Huntsman 4.0
CR(inorg), TiO2 Inorganically coated rutile Tronox CR-826 4.0
AlSt Aluminum stearate Kremer 58960 1.07
BaSO4 Barium sulfate Kremer 58700 4.5
CaCO3 Calcium carbonate Kremer 58720 2.9
ZnO Zinc oxide Kremer 46300 5.6
  1. Above the bold line: TiO2 pigments. Below the bold line: non-TiO2 pigments, extenders or additives
  2. aThe bulk density was used to convert volume fraction to the added weight of pigment. While this introduces unknown variations due to differences in particle shape, size, and packing, the pigment-volume-concentration is a commonly used descriptor for paint films and was thus chosen in this study