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Fig. 2

From: X-ray computed tomography (XCT) and chemical analysis (EDX and XRF) used in conjunction for cultural conservation: the case of the earliest scientifically described dinosaur Megalosaurus bucklandii

Fig. 2

Illustrations of the lectotype dentary specimen of Megalosaurus bucklandii Mantell, 1827, from 1824 to the present day. a Modern photograph of the lectotype dentary. Scale bar equals 10 cm. b Lithograph from Buckland [39] and Owen [43], the first appearance of the dentary in literature and museum records. (Plate XLI, Fig. 1), which does not appear to accurately represent the actual specimen. c Appearance in Owen [44], more accurately capturing the shape of the specimen with some tooth damage missing in later illustrations (Plate 33, Fig. 1)

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