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Table 2 Elemental composition of the surface and cross-sections of the mural painting samples as determined by SEM–EDS

From: Characterization of pigments and binders in a mural painting from the Andean church of San Andrés de Pachama (northernmost of Chile)

Sample (color) Surface Cross-section
Pigment layer Ground layer
PCH02 (dark blue) Ca, S, Si, Al, Mg Ca, S, Si, Al Ca, S, Si
PCH03 (orange) Ca, S, Si, Al, As, K, Fe Ca, S, Si, Al, Fe, As, K Ca, S, Si
PCH04 (yellow) Ca, S, Si, Al, As, K, Fe S, As, Si, Ca, K Ca, S, Si, As
PCH05 (black) Ca, S, Si, Fe, Al, K Ca, S, Si, Al Ca, S, Si
PCH07 (green) S, Si, Cu, Ca, Al Ca, S, Si, Cu Ca, S, Si
PCH08 (red) Ca, S, Hg, Si, Al, K Ca, S, Hg Ca, S, Si
PCH09 (blue) Ca, S, Si, Al, K Si, K, As, S, Al, Ca, Co, Fe Ca, S, Si
PCH10 (dark red) Ca, S, Si, Al, Na, K, Fe, Mg, P, Cl Ca, S, Si, Al, K, P Ca, S, Si
  1. Major elements are marked in italic style