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Table 4 List of pigments found in the Russian avant-garde painting cross-sections [30]

From: Combined photoluminescence and Raman microscopy for the identification of modern pigments: explanatory examples on cross-sections from Russian avant-garde paintings

Colour Pigment On the market Sample Identification provided by Raman Identification provided by TRPL
White Lead white Antiquity L6 x
Gypsum Antiquity L6 x
Zinc white 1834 L5, L6, G3 x x
Titanium white 1940 G3 x x
Yellow–red Vermillion Antiquity L5, L6 x
Chrome yellow 1814 L5, G3 x
Cadmium red 1921 L6 x
Cadmium yellow 1840 L5, L6 x
Blue Ultramarine 1828 L5 x
Phthalocyanine 1936 L5 x