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Table 1 DCCR calibrated results of the energy dispersive X-ray spectrum of a point analysis of the green pigment in ÆIN 1059

From: Painting the Palace of Apries II: ancient pigments of the reliefs from the Palace of Apries, Lower Egypt

Element Line Conc./% Sigma/% RSD/%
Ca K12 32 0.200 0.1
Mn K12 0.009 0.000 3.7
Fe K12 0.2 0.001 0.3
Cu K12 5.0 0.002 0.0
As K12 2.9 0.07 2.6
Sr K12 0.2 0.000 0.2
Pb L1 0.002 0.000 8.3
  1. “Line” designates the detected X-ray line; Conc. is the calibrated concentration of the element in weight %; Sigma is one standard deviation; and RSD is the relative standard deviation expressed in %. The results should be interpreted with some caution because the DCCR calibration is performed with the NIST SRM 610 whose matrix is different from that of the sample. As there is no reported Cl or Sn values for NIST SRM 610, the absolute Cl and Sn concentration cannot be calculated for Cl using the DCCR method. However, a less than semiquantitative approximation estimate based on the net counts gives approximate concentrations of c. 1 wt% of Cl and c. 0.1 wt% for Sn in this sample