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Fig. 3

From: Revealing the painterly technique beneath the surface of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring using macro- and microscale imaging

Fig. 3

Examination and analysis of sample 14 from the dark part of the Girl’s jacket (exact location unknown), mounted as a cross-section. a Light microscopy, bright field. 1: ground, 2: underlayer, 3: paint layer, 4: varnish, b Light microscopy, UV fluorescence. c SEM backscatter image. df Preparation of lamella using FIB. g Backscatter image showing FIB lamella locations. h STEM-EDX overlay of FIB lamella L02 from the ground: Ca (blue), Pb (red), Fe (green), Mn (magenta), i STEM-EDX overlay of FIB lamella L09 from the dark underlayer: Ca (blue), P (red), Al (green), S (cyan)

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