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Table 2 EDS analysis of representative model clay samples

From: Modelling clay materials used in artworks: an infrared spectroscopic investigation

Sample Main element composition (w%)
Dwyer green O(59.0), Ca(30.6), Si(0.5)
Hinder O(50.1), Ca(15.6), S(8.9), Si(4.8), Fe(2.1), Al(1.9), Cl(1.6)
Boonma O(47.7), Si(20.5), Ca(11.2), Al(5.7), K(4.4), Mg(0.7)
Marburg O(46.1), Ca(15.8), Ti(11.6), Si(10.2), Al(4.9), Mg(1.2), K(0.8), Na(0.8), Cl(0.7)