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Table 3 Plastics conservation workshop samples

From: Non-invasive identification of polymers in cultural heritage collections: evaluation, optimisation and application of portable FTIR (ATR and external reflectance) spectroscopy to three-dimensional polymer-based objects

WorkshopPolymer samples
Thea van Oosten 2005, Working with Plastics workshop, 25–26 August 2005, Museums VictoriaPP, PA, PS, PET, CN, CA, PF, CSF, UF, MF, PC, PVC, PMMA, Epoxy, PUR, SBR, GPR
Yvonne Shashoua 2015, AICCM Conservation of Plastics workshop, 21–24 July 2015, Museums VictoriaPUR, SI, ABS, PC, plasticised PVC, unplasticised PVC, NR, PE, SBR, CSF, PP, PS, CN, CA, PMMA, PA