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Table 1 List of quarries and buildings that provided samples for this study, with approximate date of construction/quarrying, coding system, and information on shape, size and location of samples

From: The many faces of Reigate Stone: an assessment of variability in historic masonry based on Medieval London’s principal freestone

Building/Quarry Date Sample code Sample size Sample location info
Rockshaw Lodge Quarry, Chaldon Medieval to nineteenth century RS1 Cylinders 45 mm ø 50 mm h All quarry samples extracted from gallery faces near quarry entrances in 1998 (e.g. Figure 2f). Approx. 14 samples extracted per quarry at different heights. Numbered here from quarry ceiling (i.e. 3 closest to floor). Precise locations known
Quarry Dean, Merstham Medieval to nineteenth century QD1 Cylinders 45 mm ø 50 mm h
Gatton Quarry Medieval? to nineteenth century GA1 Cylinders 45 mm ø 50 mm h
Godstone Quarry seventeenth to twentieth century GO1 Cylinders 45 mm ø 50 mm h
Quarry Field, Merstham Nineteenth century QF1 Cylinders 45 mm ø 50 mm h
White Tower, Tower of London 1070 TOL Cube 50 mm Sample removed in 2000. Location unknown
Wardrobe Tower, ToL 1190 WT1 Cube 50 mm Detached from south facing buttress during conservation work (04.2017)
WT2 Fragment
WT3 Fragment
Balium Wall, ToL Twelfth century BAL Cube 50 mm Date unknown. Location unknown
Martin Tower, ToL Mid- thirteenth century MRT Cube 50 mm Detached from internal door reveal (2015)
Merton Priory Early Twelfth century MER Cube 50 mm Location unknown
St Mary Spital Early thirteenth century SMS Cube 50 mm Location unknown. Obtained from Museum of London archive in c.2000
St Mary Graces Mid-fourteenth century SMG Cube 50 mm Location unknown
Throwley Church Fifteenth century THR Cube 50 mm Location unknown. Marked as fifteenth century material
Hampton Court Palace Early sixteenth century HC1 Cube 50 mm Excavated from garden in 2016. Likely to have come from window jambs and been buried following eighteenth or nineteenth century replacements with other stone types
HC2 Cube 50 mm
HC3 Fragment
HC4 Fragment
HC5 Fragment
HC6 Fragment
HC7 Fragment Detached from external east facing window jamb (2017)
Whitgift Almshouses Late sixteenth century WGA Cube 50 mm Location unknown
  1. Quarry dates from Burgess (2008)