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Table 1 Details of the glass beads from the Bizili site

From: The chemical composition and manufacturing technology of glass beads excavated from the Hetian Bizili site, Xinjiang

Sample Size Type
HLB-1 Diameter: 1 cm
Aperture: 0.3–0.5 cm
Glass eye bead
HLB-2 Diameter: 1.1 cm
Aperture: 0.4 cm
Glass eye bead
HLB-3 Diameter: 1.3 cm
Aperture: 0.4 cm
Glass eye bead
HLB-4 Diameter: 0.5 cm
Aperture: 0.3 cm
Glass eye bead
HLB-5   Glass eye bead
HLB-6   Glass eye bead
HLB-7   Monochrome bead
HLB-8 Diameter: 0.6 cm
Aperture: 0.2 cm
Glass eye bead
HLB-9   Glass eye bead
HLB-10   Decorated glass bead
HLB-11 Diameter: 0.35 cm
Aperture: 0.2 cm
Monochrome bead
HLB-12 Diameter: 1.4 cm
Aperture: 0.35 cm
Glass bead with pigment