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Table 5 Test conditions of passive-mode tests (without forced air exchange)

From: Adsorbent media for the sustainable removal of organic air pollutants from museum display cases

Chamber volume [m3]1
Adsorbent weight [g]ca. 200
Temperature [°C]23 ± 2
Relative humidity [%]50 ± 5
Air exchange rate [h−1]0; during air sampling: 0.5
Testing time [h]72
Injected target substances [µl]Formalin (1%): 100
Acetic acid/formic acid: 6
Toluene/alpha-pinene: 3
Sampling intervals [h]0.3, 2, 4, 6, 24, 28, 32, 48, 72
Sampling VOCsAdsorbent: Tenax TA®, sampling volume: 3 l, analysis: TD-GC/MS
Sampling formaldehydeAdsorbent: distilled water, sampling volume: 40 l, analysis: acetylacetone-fluorescence
Sampling formic acid and acetic acidAdsorbent: silica gel, sampling volume: 40 l, analysis: IC