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Table 3 US dye imports in 1914 [15] exceeding 100,000 lb, without Schultz number

From: Statistics of the early synthetic dye industry

Product Name Import Qty.
lb x 103
Benzo Fast Black L. 100 Unidentified azo
Oxy Diamine Black (V. M.) 147 Unidentified azo
Oxy Diaminogen (V. M.) 139 Unidentified azo
Cotton Black (V. M.) 300 Unidentified azo
Lake Red (V. M.) 349 Unidentified azo
Zambesi Black (V. M.) 629 Unidentified azo
Wool Black (V. M.) 119 Unidentified
Amine Black (V. M.) 146 Unidentified
Black (V. M.) 139 Unidentified
  1. V.M. indicates ‘various markings’ (e.g. 2B, BB etc)