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Table 6 UMEx 200 sampler properties (geometry, sampling reagent, sampling rate and LOD for 7-days exposure)

From: Validation of passive samplers for monitoring of acetic and formic acid in museum environments

Name Geometry Reagent Sampling rate (ml/min) LOD (\({\upmu }\hbox {g/m}^3\))
UMEx 200 passive sampler Tag, \(l={8.6}\,\hbox {cm}\), \(w={2.8}\,\hbox {cm}\), \(h={0.9}\,\hbox {cm}\) TEA AcOH: 16.7, HCOOH: 17.7 AcOH: 2.1, HCOOH: 1.9
  1. \(l=\) length, \(h=\) height, \(w=\) width