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Table 1 List of photographs analyzed, with indication of their title, category, and samples removed for micro-invasive analysis of the retouching paint

From: Preliminary photographs and improved positives: discovering the New York Public Library’s Arctic Exploration album

Photograph Title Categorya Samples
11 The Scene Outside the Hut is Desolate and Dreary in the Extreme Improved (retouching)  
18 The Fantastically Irregular Surface of the Great Ice-floes, Cape Flora from the Floes by Moonlight Improved (retouching) S1) Scraping of blue paint from snowbanks on proper left side of bottom edge
23 Sea Ice Crushed Up by Pressure on the Shore at Cape Flora Improved (retouching)  
31 Walrus Asleep on a Piece of Drifting Ice Improved (retouching) S2) Scraping of purple-blue paint from sky on top edge at proper left of center
32 Our Start North, March, 1895 Improved (retouching)  
39 A Samoyad Village Beauty Improved (retouching)  
48 A Camp Improved (retouching) S3) Scraping of purple paint from sky on upper portion of proper right edge
56 Our Coal-sacks, by Moonlight Improved (retouching) S4) Scraping of purple paint from sky on upper portion of proper right edge
93 Brownie, Poor Beast, Lay Down Several Times Preliminary  
94 In Difficulties Preliminary  
97 Dog-team Under Way with Sail Preliminary  
108 I Went Up to Within Eight Yards of Him and Killed Him with One Shot Improved (retouching)  
118 Taking Observations for Position at Our Second Camp on Cape Grant Improved (retouching)  
171 In Difficulties Improved (retouching)  
172 A Rest on the March Improved (retouching)  
173 Dog-team Under Way with Sail Improved (retouching)  
  1. aFollowing categories described by Newman in 1874 [31].