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Fig. 1

From: Chemical studies of Chinese coinage II: from Qin to Yuan (221 BCE–1368 CE)

Fig. 1

modified from Hartill, 2005)

Some coins mentioned in the text (1 Han dynasty Wu Zhu, 2 Han dynasty San Zhu, 3–6 Han dynasty Yu Jia, 7 Wang Mang Da Quan Wu Shi, 8–9 Tang dynasty Kai Yuan Tong Bao, 10–11 Later Zhou dynasty Zhou Yuan Tong Bao, 12–13 Song dynasty Jian Yuan Tong Bao (front and back), 14 Song dynasty Jian Yan Tong Bao (front and back), 15 Jin dynasty Da Ding Tong Bao, 16 Yuan dynasty Tian Qi Tong Bao,

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