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Table 3 Characteristic elements for the colorants used on folio 47v

From: Materials and techniques used for the “Vienna Moamin”: multianalytical investigation of a book about hunting with falcons from the thirteenth century

Element X-ray emission line (keV range) Color/material Occurrence
S Kα (2.300–2.310) (partial overlap with Pb Mα) Gold-beige, mosaic gold Clothing, bird
Red, vermilion Writing ink
Green, orpiment and indigo Landscape
K Kα (3.169–3.406) Gold-beige, together with mosaic gold Sn, S Clothing, bird
Red, brazilwood lake Clothing
Ca Kα (3.554–3.821) Red, brazilwood lake Clothing
Pink, gypsum ground layer for leaf gilding
Fe Kα (6.249–6.485) Flesh tone, not identified Falconers incarnate
Brown, iron gall ink Writing ink
Color unclear, together with azurite Cu Component in blue color
Cu Kα (7.877–8.144) Blue, azurite Background color, decoration
Sn Lα (3.411–3.484) Gold-beige, mosaic gold Clothing, bird
Au Lα (9.572–9.836) Gold Gold leaf
Hg Lα (10.216–10.720) Pink, vermilion Component of ground layer for leaf gilding
Red, vermilion Writing ink
Pb Lα (10.216–10.720) Red, minium Clothing, decoration
Pink, lead white mixed with brazilwood Initial letter
Lead white Dog, decorative lines