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Table 5 Monitoring the vegetation change on Rennell Island from 2000 to 2020

From: Monitoring and assessment of endangered UNESCO World Heritage Sites using space technology: a case study of East Rennell, Solomon Islands

Detection of vegetation change in heritage sites from 2000 to 2020 Future trend forecast
S decreasing area 2.9% Degradation 50.0% AC degradation area 43.0%
NS decreasing area 47.1% MC degradation area 6.7%
HC degradation area 0.3%
Unchanging area 0.1% No change 0.1% AC unchanging area 0.1%
MC unchanging area 0.0%
HC unchanging area 0.0%
NS increasing area 47.0% Improvement 49.9% AC improving area 43.4%
MC improving area 6.3%
S increasing area 2.9% HC improving area 0.2%