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Table 1 Natural conditions of areas with concentrated distributions of silo-caves

From: Unique traditional villages on the Loess Plateau of China: historic evolution and challenges to sustainable development of silo-caves

Area Landform Elevation/m Climate Annual Average precipitation/mm Annual Temperature/°C Soil Thickness/m
Yuxi Loess terrace-like plain at the eastern margin of the Loess Plateau 500–800 Warm temperature monsoon climate 550–680 13.6 20–70
Jinnan Loess terrace-like plain between the Zhongtiao Mountain and Yellow River 500–700 Warm temperature monsoon climate 500–620 13.8 40–50
Guanzhong Loess terrace-like plain of Guanzhong 400–600 Warm temperature monsoon climate 600–700 13.3 80–100
Longdong Loess terrace-like plain of the Shan-Gan-Ning Basin (Dongzhiyuan) 1250–1400 Warm temperature monsoon climate 480–550 9.1 150–250