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Table 5 The absolute number and percentage of SILKNOW thesaurus concepts for each language separately, that do not occur in the data from the considered museums

From: Weaving words for textile museums: the development of the linked SILKNOW thesaurus

SILKNOW thesaurus concepts not occurring in the museums
Language No [%] Example concepts
English 72 12.08 Tetramorph, zoomorphic, ternum, poult, tercianela and sericulture
French 85 13.91 Denim, chrisme, etoile, pourpoint, mante and rhadamés
Italian 200 45.87 Casula, terno, collarino, tovaglia, arcata and batavia
Spanish 113 17.97 Zarza, fular, muaré, rádium, armura and devanar