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Figure 4

From: Tephra, tephrochronology and archaeology – a (re-)view from Northern Europe

Figure 4

Schematic re-drawing of the stratigraphic sequences described for the Dosenmoor raised bog. Left: Pollen-zones near the archaeological site from 1973, the occurrence of artefacts in the core is marked with *. Middle: Pollen-zones and saturation isothermal remanent magnetization (SIRM) profile for the bog centre from 1994. The important Hekla 3 Tephra was securely identified. Right: Bog margin and centre cores with their expanded tephra stratigraphies from 2002. Tephra layers for whom geochemical data was obtained are given as black bars, and layers that can be correlated with known eruptions are listed in black: Dom-2= Sluggan B Tephra; Dom-5= Glenn Garry Tephra; Dom-7= Hekla 3 Tephra; Dom-8= Hekla 2/Selsund Tephra; Dom-9= Hekla 4; Dom-12= Lairg B Tephra. Redrawn and modified from [75], [77], and [76].

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