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Figure 8

From: Statistics of insect catch within historic properties

Figure 8

The number of traps, from all territories, with insect combinations found as a function of this expected on the basis of probability. The area above the diagonal line suggests a greater number of traps with combinations are found than expected. (a) Denotes particular combinations with bracketed Roman numerals: booklice and silverfish [i], booklice and woodlice [ii], booklice and woolly bears [iii], silverfish and woolly bears [iv] booklice and plaster beetles [v] silverfish and woodlice [vi]. (b) Denotes particular combinations, albeit at lower frequencies than in FigureĀ 8a, with bracketed Roman numerals for combinations: woolly bears and woodlice [vii], brown house moths and booklice [viii] woolly bears and varied carpet beetle [ix] and plaster beetles and silverfish [x].

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