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Table 1 Locations and description of analysed tapestries within the GWC and GH (courtesy of Historic Royal Palaces)

From: Developing a non-invasive tool to assess the impact of oxidation on the structural integrity of historic wool in Tudor tapestries

Room Location Code Tapestry Date Dimensions (m)
Great hall North wall N1 The departure of Abraham c.1541–43 4.82 × 7.80
N2 The separation of Abraham and Lot c.1541–43 4.88 × 7.92
N3 The meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek c.1541–43 4.78 × 7.90
South wall S1 The sacrifice of Isaac c.1541–43 4.83 × 7.93
S2 The oath and departure of Eliezar c.1541–43 4.88 × 8.54
S3 Eliezar and Rebekah at the well c.1541–43 4.77 × 7.77
Great watching chamber North wall N1 Romance c.1515 3.95 × 7.56
East wall E1 Triumph of fame over death (triumph) c.1515 4.08 × 8.10
E2 The virtues challenge the vices as Christ begins his ministry (Anglesey) c.1515 4.08 × 4.29
South wall S1 Justice disarmed by mercy (music) c.1515 3.92 × 5.70
West wall W2 The death of Hercules (Hercules) c.1515 3.915 × 5.28
W3 Aeneas departing from Carthage (Aeneas) c.1525 3.45 × 3.90