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Table 1 List of historical leather objects

From: Micro differential scanning calorimetry and micro hot table method for quantifying deterioration of historical leather

Origin Type Date Symbol
National Military Museum “Ferdinand I”, Bucharest Sword scabbard XVIII century BU-1
Cuirass XVI century BU-2
Sword hilt 1 1837 BU-3
Sword hilt 2 XIX century BU-4
Scimitar scabbard Not dated BU-5
Belt 1860 BU-6
National Museum “Cotroceni”, Bucharest Cordovan upholstery Not dated BU-7
National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest Bookbinding XVIII century BU-8
History and Art Museum of Bucharest City Travel chest of Manuk Bey (1769–1817) XVIII century BU-9
Tobacco box XIX century BU-10