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  1. Research article

    A high sensitivity, low noise and high spatial resolution multi-band infrared reflectography camera for the study of paintings and works on paper

    Infrared reflectography (IRR) remains an important method to visualize underdrawing and compositional changes in paintings. Older IRR camera systems are being replaced with near-infrared cameras consisting of ...

    John K. Delaney, Giorgio Trumpy, Marie Didier, Paola Ricciardi and Kathryn A. Dooley

    Heritage Science 2017 5:32

    Published on: 8 August 2017

  2. Research article

    Gothic green glazed tile from Malbork Castle: multi-analytical study

    Looking at the façade of a historical building, it is often difficult to distinguish between the original decoration and later additions. One such building is the Holy Virgin Mary Church at the Malbork Castle (No...

    Sylwia Svorová Pawełkowicz, Dana Rohanová and Petr Svora

    Heritage Science 2017 5:27

    Published on: 12 July 2017

  3. Research article

    Artificial orpiment, a new pigment in Rembrandt’s palette

    This paper reports on how the application of macro X-ray fluorescence (MA-XRF) imaging, in combination with the re-examination of existing paint cross-sections, has led to the discovery of a new pigment in Rem...

    Annelies van Loon, Petria Noble, Anna Krekeler, Geert Van der Snickt, Koen Janssens, Yoshinari Abe, Izumi Nakai and Joris Dik

    Heritage Science 2017 5:26

    Published on: 27 June 2017

  4. Research article

    Automated displacement measurements on historical canvases

    In this paper we describe a configurable system based on laser displacement sensors for the contactless acquisition of 3D and 2D shapes of near-planar objects such as the paintings.

    Fausto Del Sette, Fabrizio Patané, Stefano Rossi, Mauro Torre and Paolo Cappa

    Heritage Science 2017 5:21

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  5. Research article

    Application of solid phase microextraction–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method for the detection of active moulds on historical objects

    The main purpose of these studies was to assess the possibility of applying the technique of solid phase microextraction (SPME)–gas chromatography (GC)–mass spectrometry (MS) to detect the activity of moulds o...

    Tomasz Sawoszczuk and Justyna Syguła-Cholewińska

    Heritage Science 2017 5:20

    Published on: 23 May 2017

  6. Research article

    Mi Fuma il Cervello” self-portrait series of Alighiero Boetti: evaluation of a conservation and maintenance strategy based on sacrificial coatings

    Mi Fuma il Cervello” (“steaming brain”) is the iconic self-portrait of Alighiero Boetti, in which the artist is represented standing up while a copper hose lets water flow on his head. A hidden electric resistan...

    Davide Gulotta, Bruna Mariani, Edoardo Guerrini, Stefano Trasatti, Paola Letardi, Laura Rosetti, Lucia Toniolo and Sara Goidanich

    Heritage Science 2017 5:19

    Published on: 17 May 2017

  7. Research article

    Van Gogh’s Irises and Roses: the contribution of chemical analyses and imaging to the assessment of color changes in the red lake pigments

    Vincent van Gogh’s still lifes Irises and Roses were investigated to shed light onto the degree to which the paintings had changed, both individually and in relation to each other since they were painted, particu...

    Silvia A. Centeno, Charlotte Hale, Federico Carò, Anna Cesaratto, Nobuko Shibayama, John Delaney, Kathryn Dooley, Geert van der Snickt, Koen Janssens and Susan Alyson Stein

    Heritage Science 2017 5:18

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  8. Research article

    Polyurethane coatings in twentieth century outdoor painted sculptures. Part II: comparative study of four systems by means of Py-GC/MS

    Because PU coatings offer a compromise between aesthetic and performance expectations, unachievable with other types of industrial paints, they are currently recognized as the most appropriate option to coat s...

    Catherine Defeyt, Michael Schilling, Julia Langenbacher, John Escarsega and Rachel Rivenc

    Heritage Science 2017 5:15

    Published on: 12 April 2017

  9. Review

    On the stability of mediaeval inorganic pigments: a literature review of the effect of climate, material selection, biological activity, analysis and conservation treatments

    This review is to be considered part of the development of the MEMORI dosimeter, to evaluate the impact of climate (relative humidity, temperature, illumination, etc., including volatile organic compounds) on ...

    Alessia Coccato, Luc Moens and Peter Vandenabeele

    Heritage Science 2017 5:12

    Published on: 29 March 2017

  10. Research article

    Reflectance imaging spectroscopy and synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence mapping used in a technical study of The Blue Room by Pablo Picasso

    The existence of a portrait hidden beneath The Blue Room (1901) by Pablo Picasso prompted a comprehensive technical study of this early Blue period painting. Microanalysis of paint samples was combined with refle...

    Patricia A. Favero, Jennifer Mass, John K. Delaney, Arthur R. Woll, Alyssa M. Hull, Kathryn A. Dooley and Adam C. Finnefrock

    Heritage Science 2017 5:13

    Published on: 22 March 2017

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